The Caucasus Mountain Forum

Caucasus Mountain Forum 2019

The Caucasus Mountain Forum 2019 is planned in Ankara, Turkey, in spring 2019. More information on the participation of the CaucaSusT partners in the Forum in 2019 will be available soon.

Caucasus Mountain Forum 2016

The First Caucasus Mountain Forum was organized in November 28 – December 1, 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia, by the Scientific Network for the Caucasus Mountain Region.

The CaucaSusT project was presented at the forum as a part of a particpatory workshop  Workshop 3: Research for Communities and/or Research with Communities: Transdisciplinary research and teaching in sustainable mountain development and tourism.

The workshop consisted of the presentations displayed below, followed by an interactive group discussion of two questions:

1. How to overcome challenges for transdisciplinarity in the Caucasus?
2. What are the best approaches and challenges of involving stakeholders in the Caucasus?


Raisa Gracheva Research for development. Approaches, practice and results. Experience of Summer School 2016
Heino Meessen, Nodar Elizbarashvili, Ashot Khoetsyan, Rusudan Simonidze Transdisciplinarity in teaching and research on sustainable mountain development” (Presentation)
Tamara Mitrofanenko, Christian Maurer Transdisciplinarity for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Caucasus Region (CaucaSusT) (Presentation)