Summer Schools

CaucaSusT Summer School for young researchers 2019

In 2019, the project partners plan to organize the CaucaSusT summer school for young researchers, with a stronger focus on tourism development and transdisciplinarity. Students and researchers from the wider Caucasus region (incl. Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran, the North Caucasus region of Russia) will be invited to take part in the Summer School.

Summer School 2016, Abastumani, Georgia

The CaucaSusT partners participated in the Summer School for young researchers “Research for Development”, organized by the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences and other partners of the SCOPES Project “Supporting sustainable mountain development in the Caucasus”. The Summer school took place on September 5-16 in the Abastumani Research Center in Georgia, and young researchers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia and Turkey participated.

The CaucaSusT partners made several presentations at the Summer School: on transdisciplinarity, sustainable tourism, as well as tourism status and development in Armenia and Georgia. In addition, World Café (a structured discussion process) has been organized with the young researchers, in order promote discourse and receive inputs from the diverse group coming from throughout the Caucasus region. Issues discussed included the needed skills for students and teachers, envisioned benefits for the students from the CaucaSusT developments, recommendations for implementing the Case Study Courses and challenges for integrating transdisciplinary approaches into Caucasus universities.

More information about the summer school can be found on the website of the  SNC – mt (see the link above).